Looking At Lincoln


When thinking of Lincoln I automatically think of the city’s vast heritage and amazing architecture, and so when being challenged to take photos around the city I chose not to take a typical tourist photo of, for example, the Cathedral, but to take something unique and what people may have not noticed before.

The first image I believe explores the connection between architecture and nature. The inter-tangling branches into the Victorian-style arch shows how during urbanisation the conservation of nature was compromised and that vegetation had to adapt to survive. Although the final effect is very beautiful, it still is a small example of a huge global issue about the health of the earth.

The second image reminded me of a quote by Martin Luther King; “Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase”. This quote has personally held a lot of inspiration to me in the past and looking at this picture it shows a journey. As we look further up the stairs the lighting shows ‘light and shade’, this represents the positives and negatives of a journey, evidently leading to the ‘light’ at the top.

Anna Starbuck

One thought on “Looking At Lincoln

  1. Good work. Interesting images and nice link to the philosophical thinking of MLK. Have a look at the Poetics of Space by Bachelard. I think you will find some of this writing quite inspiring too, particularly in connection with the staircase.

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