end of week 2

Consider ‘linear’ and ‘cyclical’ in your performance. How important is the organisation of time in your work? Consider the essence and organisation of time in your work in relation to Pearson’s organisation principles.

Consider space as an organisation principle. How can you organise space in your performance? Why is this organisation important?

Don’t forget you can refer to ideas of performance in terms of ‘liveness, digital space, immediacy, presence, absence, corporeal, Real’. We discussed these in terms of performance this week and we began to connect them to your own work. Try and articulate your connections here.

2 thoughts on “end of week 2

  1. Space and Time will be two very important principles within our performance based on the Lawn. We need to focus on a linear time scale taking our audience back in time leading them through the stories of the 1800’s. We would also like to create a sense of Liveness as Pearson suggested. However how live can we make our performance? using audio as well as actions we want to try to re create a tour of the Lawn as it would have been for the patients in the 1800’s, trying to keep the performance authentic to the time period. Here we will have to consider the use of the voice to make the performance believable.
    Within the discussion this week the topic about space really interested me. The lawn is first viewed as an open space surrounded by green land and beautiful landscapes overviewing the city of Lincoln. Where as the view of the Lawn for the patients was so en closed, daunting. The patients didn’t see The Lawn as a beautiful landscape yet a place of concealment. The element of space will be really interesting to play with during the rehearsal process. How confined can we make the audience feel? Or how free can we make them feel within their surroundings?

    • Good thoughts Ellie. It is exciting to see that you are considering the ‘space’ in terms of audience experience. You will need to put some of your ideas into practice, so that you can get a sense of how it works and how it feels to be in the ‘space’ as an experiencer.
      You can take your discussion further by using some of the reading material, and of course researching your own, to develop your discussion. You mention authenticity, and liveness in this post, and there is a lot to discus here. Remember Auslander’s text – Liveness, this might be useful to you. In terms of the authentic, you have started to acknowledge the task of reconstructing a ‘period of time’, and this comes with challenges of ‘truthfulness’, what more can you say about this?

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