Thoughts for performance…

As the performance is a lot to do with audio, I’ve been thinking about the different sound effects and music we could use for our journey. As our journey is mainly based around the children of Lincoln and how it used to be and it is centered around an abandoned children’s park, we started thinking about children laughing, nursery rhymes and certain other sound effects. I decided to ask my Dad what sort of music/sound effects he would want to hear on a radio play (as he listens to them regularly). He said what would keep him interested would be a variety of different sound effects and only a little bit of music as otherwise it would take away from the story line. We’re definitely going to take this into account for our journey and start to experiment with some sound effects and recordings soon.

Emily Jeffs

One thought on “Thoughts for performance…

  1. Emily, it is good that you are thinking about the sound FX in your site work. Take this further, perhaps by discussing this in terms of layering. Why is layering important? We discussed various approaches to scores and layers of performance in the seminar this week. You can refer to the reading material to help develop your discussion, don’t forget to reference the material.

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