Symbolic time versus set time

The concept of time is a tricky one in our piece, on the one hand we are using Symbolic time as we are condensing 5 years of WW2 into one performance. We plan on using different places of the Arboretum to signify various life changing moments of our characters. On the other hand we have a set time, we need to fit going round the whole of the Arboretum into about 30 minutes. As well as that we have are planning on a few moments where timing with our audio needs to be spot on. Choosing a piece that revolves so much around the past has problems of it’s own, our plan is to take them back in time make them feel although they are living through this time along with our characters. However this does not come without problems that will take some serious thinking to over come a prospect that I find exciting.

One thought on “Symbolic time versus set time

  1. Emma, this is a good start at explaining how you will use time in your site work. You can go further with this by using Pearson’s material (referencing it of course) to help develop your discussion. You can also go further by explaining the steps that you will take to meet and overcome the challenges that you anticipate. Your use of syntax is a bit clumsy, it might help to write it out in a word document first and then paste it into the blog.

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