Research about Amy Beechey – Chloe Downie

Before I researched Amy Beechey I did not realise how famous her story was. Her and her husband raised eight sons that went to war, however only three returned. Letters, which are now at the Museum of Lincolnshire life, were discovered in an old suitcase. Mrs Beechey’s famous words when Prince George V and Queen Mary thanked her were “It was no sacrifice, Ma’am, I did not give them willingly.” (BBC, 2014) As a group I think we should go back to the museum to look at the letters from her sons. During the summer there was a site specific performance in Lincoln about Amy Beechey and her family. Researching further into this may be beneficial for the group.

BBC (2014) World War One: Families that lost five sons to conflict. [online] London: BBC. Available from [Accessed 9 February 2015].

BBC (2014) BBC Radio Lincolnshire’s local WW1 drama: Leaving Home. [online] London: BBC. Available from [Accessed 9 February 2015].


One thought on “Research about Amy Beechey – Chloe Downie

  1. Chloe, it would definitely be good to explore this site work further. There is a BBC documentary too, which I am sure Conan Lawrence and/or Andrew Westerside will be happy to talk to you about.

    It is good that you’ve referenced this work. You now need to add some of the reading materials into your comments, so you can build a more developed understanding.

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