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When we were at the Arboretum, to make sure we remembered the different locations we decided to take pictures of several of them such as the Bandstand, the Lion Statue and the Cold Bath. The Cold Bath was hit by a bomb during World War Two, this was the information that aided us in cementing the World War Two topic for our audio tour. Hayley drew a picture of the large steps that are central in the Arboretum as it was another form of documenting our drift. Furthermore, we thought that these steps could be an aesthetic way to end our performance.

After we visited the Arboretum and got back in to the studio, we decided to draw a map of the location so we could see how much we remembered and also we wanted to begin preparations for our piece by mapping the route we would like to take our audience on, whilst also trying to create the most interesting and engaging your possible for them.

Mike Pearson makes a point about incorporating the process into our performances. One suggestion is “Describe the location, orientating your listener: Sights, Sounds, Smells.” From this he gives us the idea of engaging the audience member(s) into our performance using these techniques and how describing these senses can immerse the audience further into our tour.

(Not sure how to cite that source, its ‘Mike Pearson’s Place Exercises’. Some help would be great, thank you.)



One thought on “Lee Meachen – Progress

  1. Good to see the blog Lee. So, for the cite you need to use Harvard APA. There is lots of information on this in the library, on the library website, and you can ask Carol Hollier (our subject librarian) if you run into difficulties. Simply though, if you are citing from a book with a single author you include the author’s surname, followed by the date and then the page number. You put all this info in brackets.
    You might find this useful: http://guides.library.lincoln.ac.uk/aws
    You can get advice on your writing including grammar.

    It is good that you are linking your activities back to the drift and explaining why you are doing certain things. Don’t forget you can also include images and other media here too.

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