Our Theme & Meeting with Conan – Laura Cooke

This week, we had a meeting with Conan to discuss our ideas about using the Beechy family in our piece. The meeting made us as a group think more about our piece and how we can improve with our ideas. In the lesson we had on Tuesday, we came up with a possible introduction for the performance and did research on Women during 1915 and how women had to work when the men went away to war. Also we would like to portray how women, before the war, had their ‘traditional roles’ cleaning the house, having children etc, and how from the women’s perspective was ‘not enough’, they were being patronized. When the women then went to work during the war, they finally had a voice and could do something other than their usual daily routine. Using symbolic movements in our performance I feel will be a nice way of audience interaction. The theme of ‘Working Women during the war’ is what we would like to base the performance around.

For symbolism in our performance we are thinking of getting our audience to use rubber bands and linking them together to represent the tracks of a tank for example. From the meeting we learn’t that that a minimal, but symbolic performance-using small movements, can have more of an impact on the audience.

We are also going to research women’s narratives during the war, to see what their views where like.

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