Minimal performance

In discussion, our group has now decided that we may be performing our piece in a coffee shop, drinking a hot drink of choice,whilst listening to the audio through the headphones. Due to out site, The Lawn, having planned building works at the time of the performance we felt there was only so much per formative action we could take and we was unsure whether these actions would be truly interesting. The Lawn has been bought by Stokes coffee shop.

‘A former asylum in Lincoln is to be turned into a coffee roasting house and visitor attraction. Stokes, which has run a coffee business in the city since 1902, says The Lawn will become a “micro roastery on a macro scale”. The City of Lincoln Council has been trying to sell The Lawn, which is currently vacant, for three years.’

we feel performing with in a stokes café it will give the audience an insight on what is yet to come from the Lawn, whilst reminiscing on the past facts and stories about the Lawn through a story telling process through the headphones and whilst viewing naturalistic performance actions by us the actors representing the important figures of The Lawn’s History.

implying Pearson’s writing Why Performance?, our piece will allow the audience to connect a deep factual understanding of the site and the process of the landscape.

‘Performance can enhance and inform public appreciation and understanding of places and describe the processes of landscape formation and the role of human agency in its making:’

 ‘How this place came to be as it is; and what it may yet become.’



One thought on “Minimal performance

  1. Ellie, using the ‘future’ of the site offers an interesting perspective. Consider how this can be webbed/mapped/explored/layered/tangled into the audio.

    Be careful with your writing – some grammatical concerns – “we was unsure”
    I’m not sure what’s happened to your reference here either – is it a formatting issue?

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