The Coffee Shop.

We have decided to change the location of our performance. It seems logical to change it to Stokes coffee shop as we wanted to end the performance there. With the building work that is going to happen at the lawn we were unsure where we was going to be able to go which would affect the performance. Changing the location did not drastically changed the script a few adjustments were made and it still gave the effect we wanted if not a better affect.

The coffee shop has changed our piece and made it more interesting and the whole group has become more excited about it. Now we have a final idea what we are doing we have finalised our script and started to record our main parts. I felt that the recording i have done went really well. I made sure that i slowed down when speaking and articulated. Listening back I was pleased with the end result.

One thought on “The Coffee Shop.

  1. Lauren, it is good that you have re-recorded the audio and that you are evaluating your work. I look forward to hearing it again. There are some grammatical mistakes in your writing – “we was going to be” “did not drastically changed”
    You also need to check your punctuation and overall make sure your ideas are being expressed clearly. I am pleased that you are all, as a group, now excited about your performance. Try to incorporate some of the reading into your posts, and begin to map the process together.

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