The Lawn and our progress- Ellie O’Sullivan

Recently we have re recorded each of our recordings to make them more clear and effective. My monologue based on a patient who had her child taken away from her, has been extended by adding extra pauses to create a ‘thinking’ effect. Which i also feel helps to create a personal relationship between myself and the audience, due to the time it gives us to interact. We went on to add blank spaces between monologues of ambient sound such as the sounds of The Lawn and a cafe. These spaces will be used as the audience read about the lawn from newspaper articles which we will create.

From experimenting with mood boards as a modern alternative to using newspapers, we have decided using newspapers will actually work better due to our site which is in a cafe. However one mood board which we created to illustrate the period when The Lawn wasn’t in use we feel we could still put to use at some point in the performance

11073751_10203825700783308_1735687275_o 11086483_10203825701983338_1824423293_o

We find the leaves from The Lawn and the images used will give the audience a real sense of the nature and surroundings of The Lawn.

Furthermore, we have also spoke to the Manager of Stokes Cafe on the High Street, and we will be using the whole top floor on the day of our performance which will provide us with lots of opportunities with parts of the performance such as performative actions and allowing us actors to come in and out of character successfully within the space. Because The Lawn is turning into a Stokes cafe in the near future we couldn’t think of a better site alternative to use due to The Lawn being a building site. I believe the cafe will show the audience what The Lawn will be like and our use of dialogue, performative actions and visual imagery will provide the audience with information of what the lawn once was.


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