Progress – Samuel Robinson

After the Easter break we have come back with ideas to try and convay the information about the Lawn to the audience. We have had many idea like using mood boards and newspapers.  The last ideas have been to use a table cloth or a menu. The table cloth would work by printing the information onto the cloth so the cloth could be seen as apart of the of the history and future of the Lawn. The cloth would also show a visible progretion of time of the lawn. The cloth would also allow the audience to feel and touch the history of the Lawn,  where as recording it onto the track means that the audience would be detached from the history. The menu works in a similar way but it continues with the theme of the cafe as it would be based on Stokes menu currently in use. The menu allows us to add more information not only about the Lawn but our inspirations to the piece.  Our desition to use the menu was down to the practicaitiy of printing onto the table cloth but we are keeping the have cloth on the table with all of the tables without a cloth to represent the performance area. Also we feel it will be easier to give the menu to the audience and they would be more inclined to read it.

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