Our Drift to the Museum of Lincolnshire Life – Hannah Taylor

Our drift led us to the Museum of life, a place which holds a great deal of historical information about the city of Lincoln. When walking around the Museum we came across some very inspiring images and objects, and a lot of which related to Women during the period of the First World War. Being the only ‘all girl group’ within the class, it could be a good idea to focus on the awareness of how Women were treated during this time and what effect the idea of ‘change’ meant for these women, touching on subjects like the suffragette movement. We visited a small room in the Museum which was set out like a classroom. I felt the room had a very eerie and intense feeling about it and I tried to let myself imagine what it might have been like for a child back then. Placed on the desk was a sheet of paper which read ‘Rules for Women Teachers.’ This is something as a group we all thought could be a good focal point for our piece, and if possible, this room could even be where we take our audience. It would be useful if we could go back to the Museum and possibly interview one of the members of staff, asking if they have any information regarding women that lived in Lincoln during the War period, to help further our research.

Hannah Taylor

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