The Lawn its Problems!

Yesterday we found out that The Lawn is going under a refurbishment in the next couple of months, which it will have builders on the land during the time we would be there during the performance. The owner Mr Stokes has been open to us using part of the grounds and is going to give us a brief plan of where the works will be when we have our performance day. With this in mind we have decided to adapt our piece to show The Lawn through the years and what it could potentially be in years to come. This means more research for our group and change of format from our original piece.

One thought on “The Lawn its Problems!

  1. Lauren, it is good that you are prepared to consider alternative options. As I said in your group tutorial, you can see this as a gift. You now have direct contact with the owner who is transforming the space, and you can use this information creatively in your work. Be careful to check your writing in the posts for any mistakes.

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