Consideration factors in our piece

One element of our performance involves being able to blend into the space yet still be noticeable to the audience members. Due to the nature of our site there may be numerous people in the park and this will change all day, therefore we have to be considerate of others when planning our repetitive actions and the way in which we will move around the space. We have tried to think about the types of people that will be in the space and the way in which they will choose to move around the park. A couple of ideas that we have had look at runners and dog walkers as we have seen them the most while spending time in the park. Runners, move around the park to try and complete their action within a time limit and we have considered including a runner as they have a set path and time in which to get from point A to B. Comparatively Dog walkers meander round the space and take their time, the only aspect they have to think about is their dog and themselves.


With our heavy focus on timing we have tried to consider movements and actions which would cause us as actors to cross the paths of the audience member without them necessarily acknowledging us as anything other than members of the public. Over time we have tried to visit the park at different times of day to see how the space changes and the people in it change. Moreover when going to the park on the previous Saturday, the weather was nice which attracted many more people to the park and the way in which the sunlight hit the Arboretum made it seem much more picturesque.

Sara McGrath

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  1. The last point on weather changing the atmosphere of the arboretum is an interesting point. As we cannot choose the weather we are going to be performing in due to the unpredictability of British weather, we are going to have to make sure that our actions would suit both sunshine and rain and how it will affect how many members of the public will also be there.

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