Drift to The museum of Lincolnshire Life -Chloe

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On our drift we went to The museum of Lincolnshire Life. It was so interesting as there was a lot about Lincoln that we didn’t know. Lincoln was involved in the WWII in a lot of ways and seeing this we felt we should include it in our performance. As we walked through the museum there was different rooms showing what a house would look like at that time and also pictures with descriptions explaining something in the room or something related to it. As we walked through the museum it became more related to war and one part had a lot of sounds effects, of guns, shouting etc. So we thought about adding similar sounds in for our audio. We got to one part of the museum that was filled with tanks and vehicles used in the war and we discovered they were built by women. There was also a small classroom that had very strict rules for women teachers.  As the only all girl group we thought basing our performance on that would be effective. I had an idea that would could have separate stories, for example, a little girl in the toy room, a mother, a woman building the tanks, a mother who’s sons gone to war and a teacher, and they could explain their time and how the war has impacted their life. The stories could then all have a common ground and we could perform all together as a group outside (weather depending!) I think going back with idea would be very beneficial as we may be able to record some sounds and think about would we would like to research. We should also interview the staff their so see if there is any information they could give us.

Chloe Downie

One thought on “Drift to The museum of Lincolnshire Life -Chloe

  1. Chloe, these initial ideas are good. It is good that you are considering layering, you should begin to discuss this in terms of scores and palimpsests perhaps. There are some careless mistakes with grammar here, so do check your work. You use ‘was’ instead of ‘were’.

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