Our Drift to the Museum of Lincolnshire Life- Laura Cooke


Our Drift to the ‘Museum of Lincolnshire Life’ was interesting and enjoyable. The particular topic which caught our attention was the treatment of Women during the Victorian Era and the war. From the photos, you can see there is one of the classroom, which as we can see, It was small and basic. Women teachers would have set rules in which they had to obey, one in which being that ‘they could not marry during the terms of their contract’ which is very strict and is something that doesn’t happen now, it sounds quite odd to hear. I wonder how women would react today, if these rules came back. The museum had many points of interest, such as letters, nursery rhymes that would be sung and games that were played. Maybe we could incorporate some of these aspects into our performance.
Overall it was a great experience. We are all very much looking forward to creating our piece as a group and can’t wait to get started.

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  1. It is good to hear that you are excited about the work. You say -‘ i wonder how women would react now’, how would you react? How can you incorporate this in your performance work?

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