Snapshots for our site

Continuing our exploration into the themes of past, present and future in our site performance, and the changes that have occurred at our site (the playground), we as a group have decided to in some way incorporate photography into our performance.

The idea that the audience member could be given a disposable camera with which they could take snapshots of whatever they wanted whenever they wanted during our performance was one that all of our group seemed set upon.

The use of disposable cameras would link back to the idea that the essence of a site is locked into an object from the actual place, be it a piece of material from the site or a photograph. This is an idea explored by Lone Twin, with their site specific performance ‘The Boat Project’ in 2012, in which different pieces of wood were merged together to create one large boat; each individual piece holding a memory or essence of the site or person it belonged to.

The idea of using cameras is only in early stages at the moment, so i’m excited to see how this could develop!


Nick Wilson

One thought on “Snapshots for our site

  1. Good Nick. It’s great to connect this to the Lone Twin project. Exploring essence within an object is also a key point and often an interesting metaphor too. Perhaps you can now link some of the reading material here too.

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