Some little thoughts…

On visiting the site again the other day, it started to turn in to another drift again. As we walked a different way to our site (as we’re still unsure of which route to take), I started to look at things in a different light.
As we are thinking of making our performance based around children and the future/growing up in Lincoln, I started to look at all the new sites that are being built around Lincoln, and the walk started to make the performance detail seem much more relevant. As we are exploring the changes/growing up in Lincoln, the fact that things are currently changing and new things are being built around our site is very ironic and important to our performance.

I also researched our site but to much annoyance couldn’t find anything about the park online, so I decided to email the Lincolnshire council (which we had discussed as a group) I asked if the council had any plans for the future for the park and I asked why it is no longer in use. Hopefully we shall hear back from the council soon so that we can perhaps think about adding any of this information into our final piece.

Emily Jeffs

One thought on “Some little thoughts…

  1. Good Emily. It’s useful to keep a note of how your thoughts progress your work. In order to develop the writing of the blog entries include some supportive material from the readings. What does Pearson say about seeing things (sites) from various perspectives?

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