Our Final Rehearsal

As a group we met for our final rehearsal before performing on Thursday, despite the weather we attempted a run through while I took the place of the audience member and went around the park following the audio. With an addition to our audio we wanted to check the audio to make sure it would fit with the route we chose, in addition we wanted to correct the gaps between and neaten it further. Whilst I took the role of the audience member the rest of the group enacted their repetitive actions within the Arboretum so that I could see exactly what the audience would see. One of the difficulties we discovered was that while in the Arboretum we will have to stay in character consistently as, even though we may not be in the audience’s direct sight line as we move around the Arboretum, we will still be visible as the audience observe the action within the site. Therefore we will have to come into contact with the audience and move past them at times in order to continue with our repetitive actions and move around the route to get to where we need to be. Weather depending we hope to have a good performance day tomorrow, we shouldn’t encounter any issues as many aspects we have managed to work through and overcome during rehearsals


Sara McGrath

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