4 thoughts on “Mythogeography

  1. I think that to re create authenticity through images the building would have to be in its original state to that time, which we as a group are lucky the building is in very good condition and has not been re constructed. The factual information which we will also use within our audio recordings will provide an authentic feel within our performance. We want the audience to feel and believe they’re going back in time.

  2. I personally feel the black and white photos of The Lawn works very well. The building is viewed how it was and the building still appears to look the same as it did when the hospital was open. Therefore, the use of the black and white edit allows the picture to look very similar to the photos taken in the late 1800’s when the hospital was open.

    • Yes. Perhaps you could say something about the importance of ‘authenticity’ in performance, especially perhaps when using ‘factual’ information as part of a site work. We can question authenticity, is it ever possible to be authentic?

  3. By doing the Mythogeography task, we discovered parts of Lincoln which we didn’t know existed! The main building which stood out for us was The Lawn, a building which used to be an Asylum.

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