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On Wednesday me and the group went to the Lincolnshire achieve to look through books on the Lawn. One of these books that I looked at was the patient records for 1838 till 1895. The interesting parts of the record for me was that of the illnesses that the patients suffered. Some of these such illnesses are that of Mania, Melancholic, Mania Hysteria and Dementia.

Mania: Mania is an abnormally elated mental state, typically characterized by feelings of euphoria, lack of inhibitions, racing thoughts, diminished need for sleep, talkativeness, risk taking, and irritability. In extreme cases, mania can induce hallucinations and other psychotic symptoms. (

Mania Hysteria: I could not yet find out what this was.

Dementia: Dementia is a syndrome (a group of related symptoms) associated with an ongoing decline of the brain and its abilities. This includes problems with: memory loss, thinking speed, mental agility, language, understanding, judgement. People with dementia can become apathetic or uninterested in their usual activities, and have problems controlling their emotions. (

Towards the end of the records I found that the patients being admitted where getting older and being admitted for Dementia where as at the start they where young adults.

Throughout the records the majority of patients where either young adults or older men/women, rearly ever middle aged people. Within the achieve there was a piece of texted that stated how patints should be treated.

“With all the tenderness and indulgence compatible with the steady and effectual government of them and every occupation which my divert the mind, win the at tensions and awaken the affections be cheerfully and readily promoted.”

The hospital also goes through periods of time in which it doesn’t take on any patients from July 10th 1890 to September 2nd 1890. There is something written in the book but I could not read the handwriting.

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  1. Hi Sam. It is great that you have done some archive research for the site. There are several spelling mistakes in this entry. You should write the information in ‘word’ first so that you can spell check. Also, make sure that you reference properly.
    Why are the conditions that the patients’ suffered from significant to your work? How might you explore this further?

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