Mood Boards – Samuel Robinson





We decided to experiment with using mood boards to help cover the factual aspects of the performance. This is because we are taking a fictional and factual approach to the performance and we feel that the factual evidence is very important to understanding the Lawn. One of the mood boards (as seen below) incorporated leafs and sticks from the Lawns grounds, pictures of the Lawn and information. The leafs where used to give the board a 3D feel, this also reflects back to the traces left behind by the inhabitants of the Lawn who planted the trees.

During our first run using the mood boards, we found that they were inconvenient. We have not decided if to keep the boards in the performance but hung up in sight of the audience member. A few  ideas have been discussed in relation to replacing the mood boards, a few of which are to place the information in mugs or coffee cups, where the audience member can take out the information out and read it. Another option was to return to our original idea of using a newspaper with the information inserted into the columns.

A point that came up from our first run through was that there was not enough time for the audience member to read the information given to them. This could be solved by adding in backing tracks to also give us the actors a chance to get into position for the next scene.



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