Images of Lincoln – Chloe Downie

IMG_7550_2 IMG_7576_2 IMG_7575  IMG_7572 IMG_7568_2  IMG_7547I took these photos because these are the places I think of when I think of Lincoln. From everywhere in the town you can see the cathedral and because of this I wanted to include pictures of it. I like the photo of the back of the cathedral because it’s not a side I usually visit and I only see the side of the cathedral when I’m in town and the front of the cathedral when I walk up Steep hill. The back of it reminds me of a church at the city centre in Cambridge.

I also went to the Arboretum park because I think it’s such a peaceful place and the music stand is beautiful. I live in the countryside so coming to this park helps me feel like I’m at home because of the quiet and the beautiful nature.

Chloe Downie



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  1. Nice images Chloe. Perhaps you could record some audio from your favourite places. If the park is inspiring, what makes it so? Listen to the sounds of the park and perhaps you can use them as layers in your work.

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