My Pictures of Lincoln and images from the Drift- Ellie O’Sullivan

IMG_7357[1] The Lincoln Water Tower. Built after tragic typhoid outbreak between November 1904 and April 1905 when 1006 people in Lincoln contracted typhoid and 113 died. Due to its design, the Westgate has a rather unusual cleaning method. A cleaning team is lowered into the tower in a dinghy and cleans the tank from top to bottom.

IMG_7360[1]Newport Arch, the only roman gateway in Britain you can still drive through!. I took a photo of the arch, as i found the lone structure intriguing.


Another Roman image. Roman East Gate. I had never discovered this feature of Lincoln until our drift. I went on to research my findings and i came across key facts about the remains. The north tower and adjacent city wall of the Upper City lie in the forecourt of the Lincoln Hotel in East Gate. The visible remains are the rebuilt gate, dating from the third century AD.


The Lincoln Cathedral is just magnificent, i especially find it captivating at night when the lights are on and you can view it from most places in Lincoln. The Cathedral is the third largest in Britain, and is regarded by many architectural scholars.

IMG_7355[1]During our drift the building which captured our eyes and imaginations was The Lawn.The Lawn was built for the purpose of being a hospital for people who suffer from mental illness. It opened in 1820 as a mental institution. The hospital didn’t use barbaric treatments, nor did it restrain its patients as was thought necessary to keep them under control in previous years. In 1985, the hospital was closed and the buildings were acquired by the City Council and used as a visitor and conference centre. The Lawn is still a tourist attraction today, and has an imitation of the hospital cells with manikins which are quite realistic and can often cause a scare. Me and my group are excited to research more into the history of this specific feature of Lincoln.


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  1. Hi Ellie, good drifting! I really enjoy the possibilities of the water tower stories. The mix of history with the illness outbreak is intriguing. You could think about tone here and how you might tell the stories of some of the sufferers. The Lawn too is intriguing with lots of performative possibilities. You have provided some useful factual information here – it would be good if you could begin to reference this information, that way you will be one-step ahead when you come to write up your final blog statement.

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