An update on the creative process.

An update on the creative process.

During our seminar we were invited to look into our minds/memories and construct a realistic room that we have been to many times, how when entering this room we felt not only emotionally but physically. How did our movement affect the space we occupied, and was this a place we wanted to be or some where we associate with good/bad connotations. For me this proved to be a challenge as I found myself thinking back into long-lost memories that I had thought about very little until this exercise. I would describe the experience as not something that I found pleasant, but however as I am much older and maturer I looked at in a completely different light. An example of this would be how the objects in the room made me feel, how the smell lingered on me after I have left and when I spoke how the echo would sound across this empty space, creating something like a ever-expanding echo that would be in the back of my mind.

Through this I feel I have gained a deeper understanding into the process that site-specific drama demands of its contributors. You must feel free and be completely engaged for it to work and on some small level for it to impact on you emotionally and physically through the smallest memory or gesture.

Similar to this we explored the idea of a repetitive action and through using examples of real life situations, such as a hospital patient that receives the same breakfast the same way each day and how this can impact on there mental state emotionally how this could affect them.
I have never really thought about repetitive actions and the impact they can have on one person, but thorough this is saw how dystopian it almost seemed and although I knew this was a example I wanted to stand up and let some change occur in what ever small way which I think only deepens my understanding of the patients it take when relating drama to real life events.

Kyle Higgins

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  1. Kyle, there is some thoughtful reflection in your comment here, and it is good that you are using practical tools and techniques to consider how you will develop your own work. You do still need to be careful with the writing because there are many mistakes – ‘there’ instead of ‘their’, is an example. The last sentence is also very confusing – do make sure you use a word doc to check your work before publishing it. Keep developing your practical enquiries alongside your theoretical ones, and in your next post I would like to see you reference some sources by using them to support your discussion.

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