Developing our understanding of a site-specific piece.

Developing our understanding of a site-specific piece.

Lincoln has a fascinating and cultural history that has left the city with a long-standing legacy for future generations to enjoy. Creating a site-specific piece that could illustrate a journey from one location to another by using the city of Lincoln as our inspiration and developing a narrative that could not only capture a journey, but also show a engaging audio piece that a non-aware spectator can become involved with is proving to be somewhat of a challenge. The main reason for this could be
due to our lack of understanding or the new skills that are crucial in creating a audio production for a general public audience that will be open to criticism and there own levels of engagement.

After much discussion and brain storming we had a range of ideas spanning from tongue and cheek murder mystery role-playing where each spectator played a crucial role and would affect the outcome of the piece, to looking at the ever-changing lifestyle that Lincoln has provided through the years and how this has touched and impacted on residents life’s, through growing up in this quickly developing city.
One of the main questions we debated was what kind of message did we want to deliver although we wanted to promote a positive portrayal of Lincoln we often questioned how we could link this to its past, and ask does its future hold a more productive and positive outcome then its predecessor or have we lost our way on what is important?

Through looking at Lincoln and our growing understanding we were able to keep developing our concept into a fully developed piece. Using help from the Lincoln archives and British PATHE that gave us a real glimpse into the bygone days of Lincoln’s past through resources such as archive footage of the city’s development.

When Locating a ideal place in which to conclude our journey we toyed with the idea of a location that is completely normal and a everyday sight that we often pass by unaware of, this could be simply because of its unappealing or vulgar appearance or it is simply something we have chosen to ignore rather then engage with. A perfect example of this would be of course a local playground that has seen better days and through creating a false facade we can lure the listener into better days while revealing the hash unsightly truths of the future and how the areas where we are supposed to feel free and be creative leave us feeling like we should avoid them because of the negative reactions they provoke. 

Kyle Higgins

One thought on “Developing our understanding of a site-specific piece.

  1. Kyle, it’s great to see that you are posting now. You have started to put down your thought process and some of your group process, and this is good. However, you will enhance your work and make your comments stronger if you can use some of the reading and ideas from our sessions. Perhaps Pearson says something that you think applies to your own thoughts regarding the history, and the layers of a site? Use the texts to support your ideas as you would in an essay. Also, perhaps unlike an essay, you are able to use images on the blog, and your work might be enhanced here too. In terms of your writing style you also need to check for grammatical mistakes – you use ‘then’ instead of ‘than’ and you use ‘a’ instead of ‘an’. There is also some clumsy use of syntax and a lack of punctuation. Check your work in a word doc before publishing it here. Don’t be disheartened – just keep developing your writing – but you’ll need to read and explore other materials to help you with this.

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